Travel journal Mexico 2001

by Claudia and PJ Potgieser




2001 March - April
We did not have a digital camera till 2004, these pictures are scanned and from a low quality.

April 2001
Our first time in Mexico! We went into Baja California first and enjoyed the beautiful beaches along the Golfo de California. We traveled with our Dutch friends Monique en Gerard, which we had met the summer before in Hyder, Alaska.
Crossing the golf by ferry was too expensive, so we back tracked to the main land in the north. On our way to Creel from Hermosillo to Cuauhtemoc a seal in the transmission broke in Yecora.
Monique practiced her Spanish out loud and said: "Dnde esta un taller mecnico?" (Where is a garage). A young boy overheard her and replied that we could follow him to his garage.


His garage turned out to be in a cow field and contained only two concrete blocs. He used our tools and banged on everything for two days. We did not feel very confident that it was fixed after two days, so we said goodbye to our Dutch friends and drove back into the States.